Company Profile

Our Company has been producing full-port knife gate valves with on/off and adjustment function for over 40 years.

Our premises are located in Schio, in the province of Vicenza and we specialize in:

  • Monoblock knife gate valves
  • Through conduit knife gate valves
  • 30° gate valves and rhomboidal passage valves
  • 3- and 4-way deviators

The following controls are available:

  • Handwheel with non-rising stem
  • Pneumatic control with double effect cylinder complying with ISO 15552 and 21287 with the
  • possibility to partially open the valve either by using a 3-15 Psi or 4-20 mA positioner, or mechanically
  • by means of limiting nuts
  • Motorised control with non-rising stem
  • Lever

Our valves are suited for intercepting fluids, sludge and dusts. They are made in cast iron, stainless steel and bronze to be used in a wide variety of fields, such as in water treatment, environmental sector, paper industry, chemical industry, powder and granulate transport, biomass and food industry.

All products are made in Italy and our strength is flexibility. Not only we provide the most demanding customer with tailor-made products, but we are also willing to supply smaller batches of our articles.